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2019 Results



Saturday 25th May - Lancing College 1st XI vs Lancing Rovers (35 overs)

Lancing College 1st XI 166; Lancing Rovers 209-4*.

Result: Rovers win by 43 runs 



Sunday 32d June - Lancing Rovers vs Free Foresters CC (45 over game)

Lancing Rovers 210*; Free Foresters 211-6

Result: Lost by 4 wickets


Sunday 16th June - Cricketer Trophy 1st Round (reduced to 35 over game)

Lancing Rovers 180-9*; Old Westminsters 126 AO.

Result: Rovers win by 54 Runs



Sunday 7th July - Cricketer Trophy Quarter Final

Old Monktonians 189-7*; Lancing Rovers 193-4

Result: Rovers win by 6 wickets


Rovers Week 2019

Monday 8th July - Lancing Rovers vs Sussex Martlets CC (timed game)


Lancing Rovers 261-5 dec*; Sussex Martlets 246 AO.

Result: Rovers win by 15 runs


Tuesday 9th July - Lancing Rovers vs Uppingham Rovers (40 over game)


Lancing Rovers 169*; Uppingham Rovers 170-7.

Result: Rovers lose by 3 wickets

Wednesday 10th July - Lancing Rovers vs Steyning CC (45 over game)


Lancing Rovers 247-5*; Steyning CC 248-7.

Result: Rovers lose by 3 wickets

Thursday 11th July - Lancing Rovers vs Oundle Rovers (40 over game)


Oundle Rovers 206 AO; Lancing Rovers 99 AO.

Result: Rovers lose by 107 runs

Friday 12th July - Lancing Rovers vs Ivy Club CC (40 over game)


Lancing Rovers 249-7*; Ivy Club 191 AO.

Result: Rovers win by 58 runs

Sunday 7th July - Cricketer Trophy Semi Final

Lancing Rovers 295-7*; Old Hamptonians 142 AO.

Result: Rovers win by 153 runs

Sunday 4th August - Cricketer Trophy Final

Lancing Rovers 470-6*; Old Monmothians 273 AO.

Notable performances: R.Maskell 309, M.Clarke 110, H.Gane 5-58.

Result: Rovers win by 197 runs

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