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swordfish trophy



The Swordfish Trophy came about after a couple of tours in the then derelict Sussex Pad at the bottom of the drive. It hung magnificently above the bar until one day someone, who shall remain nameless, decided to take it down and put it in the President's bed while he was imbibing, oh what larks. Its previous owner was supposedly caught off the coast of Palermo in the early seventies, how it found its way to Lancing is anyone's guess, but it's Rovers' property now. It is awarded to the 'Rover of the Week', anyone can win it for any number of reasons, you don't need to score a dozen centuries, or take a hat-trick, bringing some chocolate brownies might make it one year, so never count yourself out.


George Nott

Not a particularly difficult choice being one of only two ever presents, the other being AJ Wood, and the only one of the two present at the ceremony. But Notty's fantastic enthusiasm and backing of the club is unrivalled. A mixed bag on the pitch, as many catches as ducks, but at the end of the day his love for a curry and a dizzy bomb or two made him the stand out winner. The trophy currently sits proudly on his mantelpiece.











Matty Lee

The first genuine all-rounder to take the trophy, should have won it last year if just for his 'cone dash across the Adur'. Scored 34 runs at 17 and took 3 wickets at 46.3, also devoured two huge curries, one of them particularly hot, continuously had pizzas delivered to The Bridge, ordered shots like it was the last day on earth, played all week, and brought his girlfriend on tour for the last night - legendary.


El Presidente

For 'services to the hospitality industry' - the first winner for non-cricketing reasons, Single handedly tried to revive the hospitality industry in Shoreham as covid restrictions slowly lifted. Was helped by the delayed Euro 2020 tournament. Trophy spent the year in the loft to save his marriage.


No tour due to Covid.


AJ Wood

For 'services to cricket' - played the whole tour scoring 294 runs at 49.0 including 107, 75 and 57. The Rovers gun tourist for some time, a great tourist on and off the pitch, first Rover to win back-to-back Swordfishes!


AJ Wood

Erm...ditto, for 'services to cricket' - played the whole tour scoring 328 runs at 82.0, including 105*, 79, 57 and 52, throw in a casual 109 earlier in the season in the Cricketer Trophy and the boy was nailed on. Our inaugural winner.

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