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Lancing rovers vs clifford chance cc

On what was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the Rovers arrived at Lancing full of spirit, fresh off the back of their win against the school last Saturday.

Pre-match highlights included a second successful coin toss for George Holman and an astounding revelation from Mike Brainerd...according to the numbering on the side of his playing shirt he in fact left Lancing in the year 8 (BC/AD yet to be confirmed) - who knew! You have to see it to believe it.

On the field, the Rovers got off to a great start with Nick "the Worthing Express" Ballamy dismissing two of CCCC's top 3 within his first two overs. As the innings progressed however sadly so too did the dropped catches - six in total - and CCCC racked up an imposing 243-6 in their 40 overs.


Drops aside, there were many bowling highlights including a great debut spell from James Allen - finishing with figures of 8 overs, 2 wickets, 27 runs - Nick Ballamy - figures of 8 overs, 1 wicket, 17 runs - and Benji Benj Rhys - 4 overs, 2 wickets, 24 runs.

In reply, the Rovers got off to a flying start with Big Bird Betts and AJ Wood sending the fresh leather seed to all parts and, after 15 overs, we were in contention going at the required run rate.

Sadly as the game progressed we were tied down and undone by a combination of some tight bowling and, later on, some good old fashioned classic 20mph moon bowling. Special mention must go to Ali Hares who produced a scintillating knock down at 9, finishing on 67* and pushing the Rovers to 202-8 off our 40 overs.

Clarkey at A&E

Clarkey at A&E

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Whilst the Rovers could not get over the line on this occasion both teams were in agreement that this was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. As such, it is very much hoped that this will be the first of many matches between the two here is to Rovers getting their revenge in 2019!

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